Planning a Vacation to Japan: Finding YOUR Experience

No matter what kind of traveler you are – from adventurous to history-loving, pop-culture junkie, foodie or anything in between – the country of Japan has something great to offer you!

Japan is a country of welcoming people, gorgeous natural beauty and a storied history. Although it can seem intimidating, the truth is that it is a very accessible country. English is included on much of the signage but where there is none, people are always willing to help. The shinkansen (bullet trains) and extensive public transportation systems also make getting around a breeze!

And it is entirely possible to travel economically in Japan, if you are willing to adapt to small Eastern-size hotel rooms and eat like the Japanese do. That means, saving for a fancy meal or two and sticking with seafood, street food and filling rice dishes the rest of the time.…

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New Orleans Travel: Why it’s a Perfect Destination for Music Lovers

french quarter

I recently took a trip to New Orleans on the recommendation of my buddy at Pro Restoration, and had an absolute blast. So I decided to discuss some of the things that impressed me and made the trip so memorable.

New Orleans is world renowned for its constantly evolving jazz scene, having cultivated an atmosphere where legendary artists like Louis Armstrong and Jelly Roll Morton and modern stars like Kermit Ruffins thrive. Music seems to be almost everywhere in New Orleans. From jazz to classical to hip-hop to R&B to rock, there’s almost every musical genre here. Not convinced yet?

Here are reasons why music lovers should visit the Louisiana City at least once in the life.…

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