New Orleans Travel: Why it’s a Perfect Destination for Music Lovers

french quarter

I recently took a trip to New Orleans on the recommendation of my buddy at Pro Restoration, and had an absolute blast. So I decided to discuss some of the things that impressed me and made the trip so memorable.

New Orleans is world renowned for its constantly evolving jazz scene, having cultivated an atmosphere where legendary artists like Louis Armstrong and Jelly Roll Morton and modern stars like Kermit Ruffins thrive. Music seems to be almost everywhere in New Orleans. From jazz to classical to hip-hop to R&B to rock, there’s almost every musical genre here. Not convinced yet?

Here are reasons why music lovers should visit the Louisiana City at least once in the life.

The City’s Preservation Hall Preserves and Protects Traditional New Orleans Jazz

For more than five decades, New Orleans’ Preservation Hall has featured some of the country’s brightest talents. Located at the heart of the French Quarter, the music hall hosts traditional, acoustic jazz music performances from musicians. New Orleans isn’t just contended in the fact that it’s the birthplace of jazz. In 1961, the city set up the beloved hall to help preserve and protect jazz.

All that matters at the Preservation Hall is the music and that’s evident from the collective sweat of years of legendary artists dripping off the walls. Consider purchasing “Big Shot” seats in advance so you won’t have to wait in line. The music hall hosts up to 5 shows per night with sets running for 45 minutes each. Visitors are allowed to bring their own beverages in a plastic cup. The venue is open to people of all ages. 

You can take a Private Jazz Tour

Not everyone gets satisfied with musical performances alone. Some just want to get the actual facts after immersing themselves in the music. If you’re this type of a traveler, booking yourself on a private tour will get you everything you need. Take advantage of the private jazz tours around New Orleans where visitors are filled in on the lives of legendary musicians like Sidney Bechet. The tours also include exploring landmarks such as the Iroquois Theater, Louis Armstrong Park, and the Karnofsky Tailor Shop. 

Spend Time with Locals on Frenchmen Street

If you’re looking to have an authentic New Orleans musical experience, find your way to the Frenchmen Street. Don’t worry about Royal Street, Chartres’s Street and Bourbon Street where every tourist seems to be going for shopping. Frenchmen Street is home to rowdy music venues where you can have a good musical time while interacting with the locals. 

Get on a Jazz Cruise

Instead of spending your afternoon in your hotel room cruise along the Mississippi River while enjoying some cool jazz music. Don’t worry about taking lunch or dinner before you go as they serve food on the boat. Yours is to sit back and get entertained by a live band on your trip. You can still take another cruise after the two-hour trip. 

Finally, Stuff Yourself with Delicious Food

Well, it’s good to take a break from musical performances and try out some of the dishes in New Orleans. It should be part of your vacation experience, remember! New Orleans is home to trendy restaurants which serve great food. Some of the foods you must try include the flavorful jambalaya, gumbo, friend chicken, and a tasty traditional Louisiana sandwich.